Northern Italy – Here we come!

We’ve spent the last 3 years touring this great country & we are nearly done spending some time in each of the states – we have just Minnesota & North Dakota to go before we’ve seen all 50. We’re at a point where we are comfortable saying that we’ve seen a great deal of the US and we are ready for more international travel. While we have Samantha in our life, we will continue to RV and have our home base in the states, but on our vacations we plan on dipping our toes more extensively in other countries.

We are about to embark on a 2 week journey to explore a bit of Northern Italy. We fly into Milan and head immediately to Parma. We then pop over to Florence with plans to visit Lucca & Pisa, then head over to Venice. Then we wrap up our trip in Milan, where I just found out my penpal from when I was a teenager will be meeting us there so we can finally meet!

I’m a bit nervous as my goal to learn Italian fell quite short. The need to tell someone the little girl is drinking milk is probably not going to present itself. But, I am excited to immerse myself in a different culture, with different food and to just absorb being in Italy.

I plan on exploding our Instagram account with pictures whenever I can find some wifi so follow along!

Visiting Little D

As we start to explore the possibility of having a part time home base, we have a list of requirements. A really, really long list. We want to be in a small town, but large enough for services we require, like an organic grocery store. We would like to be near enough a large city for any culture/concert opportunities, but far enough way to not be in the traffic grind. We want the ability to walk everywhere, and everywhere includes restaurants & bars. We would both love to return to college to help smarten up our getting-old-fast minds, but want that to be convenient. There needs to be community theatre, and historic neighborhoods. It can’t snow on a regular basis and the house we purchase needs to be able to be rented out easily.

As you can see – and that is only a high level partial list – we’re going to be pretty choosy if we ‘settle down’, even on a part time basis. I can’t remember how I heard about Denton, north of Dallas, but it became a town we needed to check out.

Denton Courthouse - this building dominates the square
Denton Courthouse – this building dominates the square

We spent an afternoon there, walking around the square. I loved it! It had just enough activity – yoga on the lawn, restaurants hopping – without being congested. The local community theatre is performing RENT, and there was a music festival happening the day we walked around. We also made it a point of driving around the neighborhood that was within walking distance and while it wasn’t as historic as I would have liked, still would fit the bill. Two colleges are within walking distance to the downtown center as well!

Beautiful old bank building on the square
Beautiful old bank building on the square

After our stay at Cedar Hill ends, we will head a little north of Denton to be able to check it out a few more times before we leave Texas. Who knows, we might just return this fall looking for a place. After more travels, of course!

Campground Notes: Lake Tawakoni State Park, Wills Point, TX

The two weeks we spent in Lake Tawakoni were wet. Wet, wet, wet, muddy & wet. I know Texas needs the rain, but we were starting to get a little stir crazy with all the precipitation and grey skies. On the plus side, at least it didn’t snow on us here!

View from our site
View from our site

There are two loops of camping in Lake Tawakoni – full hook up and water/electric only. We couldn’t get into the full hook up loop but ended up really enjoying the sites in the partial hook up loop as there was a lot more room in between sites. We were able to nose into the site with a view of the lake – sorta kinda. Since the water levels were so low what we really saw was what used to be the lake but it was still a nice view.

Our site at Lake Tawakoni
Our site at Lake Tawakoni

We also impressed our selves by only needing to dump once – both grey & black- during our two weeks stay. We’ve come a long way in 3 years from needing to dump the grey tank every other day.

The state park was a bit of a haul to any city, but at the same time still convenient enough to not make it too much of a hassle. Overall a nice spot to park for 2 weeks before heading even closer to Dallas.

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