Being Social in Tucson

Tucson ended up being a big stop for us. While we’ve met a few folks a long the way, we’ve been largely on our own. All of a sudden, we had a social schedule and ya know what? It was rather nice. It was especially nice to have folks around because Keith ended up being flown to Portland for an interview and even though our “killer attack” dog Samantha was with me, I liked knowing there were people I knew nearby in case of an emergency.

So here’s a quick shout out to the bloggers we met:

Outside Our Bubble – I wandered across this blog early in my searches of bloggers who travel in an RV. Two things jumped out at me – one, they were from Rochester, NY – my home town & the last place we lived that we like to acknowledge (sorry, but GA was a rather painful affair). Two, they (had) a sweet puppy named Tasha, which was my aunt’s dog growing up who I adored. We got to meet Brenda & David the first night we arrived & they were sweet enough to bring Samantha a dog toy. Brenda & I connected on facebook so she was (sorta) used to me & my ramblings. We rounded out the first night at an IN & OUT  burger place right across from the park. The next day, we all went to Biosphere 2 which was totally science geeky neat, and saw them a time or two after that as well.

Horton’s Travels -These guys I also followed pretty early on in my ‘who is crazy enough to leave corporate america at a young age and travel in an RV’ search and their blog posts made me laugh out loud at times. Meeting them in person was a treat and even though their two pups have passed on since they got on the road, I could tell they were awesome furry parents. We made sure Samantha gave them some dog hair to make them feel loved. Brent was nice enough to invite me out on Valentine’s Day night with his wife Christine & Julie and Jim of Imperfect Destiny since Keith was out of town. The week ended with Brent trying to convince us to head out to the desert and boondock. In retrospect, even without solar…we should have. :)

Imperfect Destiny – There is nothing like a twitter invite to stop on over for drinks upon arrival! I also started reading Imperfect Destiny early on in our journey to RVing and (am still) amazed that they live in a 17 foot Casita, and started the journey with two pups. Unfortunately they lost Siri, but we did get to meet Star and what a sweetheart (oh, the humans weren’t so bad either!). It was so neat to hear a different version of ‘burnt out on IT and here is our answer’, and we loved their simple approach. It makes us feel like we took a bit much on at 37 feet!

We got to meet up with all 3 over the course of the week several times and it was just awesome. So thanks Brenda, David, Brent, Christine, Jim & Julie for hanging with us. We look forward to meeting you guys again on the road. Oh, and pictures? I suck and totally forgot to take ’em.

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5 thoughts on “Being Social in Tucson”

  1. We had a great time meeting you both. Thanks for letting us get some puppy lovin’ from Sammie.

    The BioSphere2 was interesting and having you both along made it more fun.

    We’ll keep following your travels, as long as you are traveling that is, still crossing our fingers, and hope to meet up in the future.
    Brenda recently posted..Catalina State Park North Of Tucson, AZ

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