Campground Notes – Fort Stockton RV Park

There aren’t many choices as you drive across West Texas for places to stay, unless you want to drive quite a distance off the interstate. We chose Fort Stockton as a stopping point, and while Hilltop was our first choice, but a few missed calles convinced us to stay at Fort Stockton RV Park.

Cactus, Mountains & Sky

This park is conveniently located right off I10, but was quieter than we expected. This is a former KOA park that handles quite a few overnight travelers and the lady manning the front desk was a sweet as can be. It’s always nice to feel welcomed after a day of travel, and she sure did. She also chatted up the RoadRunner Cafe, an onsite 6 table eatery that served up some surprisingly good food. We ate there with the folks from Cheddar Yeti and while it wasn’t jaw dropping awesome, it was solid food for a cheap price.

The sites are typical pull through, with not a whole lot of space. This was actually the first time we had issues with a tree. We usually welcome any type of foilage but the one tree we had on our site, was right in the way of our living room slide. A little shuffling and no worries. The worrisome bit came from testing the water – the monk in me hates seeing anything worse than well water and suffice it to say, we didn’t top off our fresh water tank here.

View of the Park

The laundry facilities were in good shape here, and there was even a ‘Six Shooter’ trail if you wanted to get a better view of the surrounding mountains. What I enjoyed on a walk with Samantha? The wide open expanse of sky and land and cactus. In fact, on our facebook page I remarked:

I went for a walk while Keith was on an interview & I wondered what would possess someone to live in West Texas. Walking on the six shooter trail(no joke!) I looked out and saw a big blue sky with mountains in the distance, a landscape littered with beautiful cacti, felt the wind on my face and took a deep breath of smog free air. Ok- I’m starting to understand a bit…..

Enough said.

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