Campground Notes – Little Vineyard RV Park

Oh the joys of gravel lots and feeling like a sardine. Sometimes, there just isn’t much to say about a stay. We chose Little Vineyard in Deming, NM as a brief stay-over on our way towards Tucson. It wasn’t much, but the staff was welcoming, it was full hook up, free wifi so we could update our blog design and a place to rest for the night. While setting up we got a chance to talk with our neighbors and heard an all too familiar story of a couple that started with plans made down to the hour and were now travelling by the ‘we’ll get there if we get there’ plan.

Being relatively close to the highway, we could definitely hear some interstate noise, but it was surprisingly not too bad. The laundry facilities weren’t the greatest, so I managed to do a small load or two in our RV to keep getting us by until we find good facilities. The indoor pool had seen better days and we both just decided to hang out in the RV and rest after such a busy few days in Alamogordo.

We did manage to get into town at night because I had a serious craving for pizza. Domino’s being the only pizza joint in town, we decided to try it again after years of avoiding it. (still meh pizza btw) While waiting for the food, we did get a chance to walk around the downtown area and it was rather cute – several restaurants and stores that were open and a decent amount of people frequenting them.

In the morning, we took advantage of the $4 breakfast on site, and, well. At least there was no clean up.

And that was our stop in Deming. Next stop, Arizona!

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2 thoughts on “Campground Notes – Little Vineyard RV Park”

    1. Hey Doug – that link doesn’t work (but I am assuming you are referring to rvparkreviews?) I do check that & a few other review sites, and we do need to get into the habit of reviewing the sites in return. What is hard about the review sites is without knowing the reviewer, you could value different things in a park. That being said – reviews have helped make up our mind so they can be helpful for sure!

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