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Past the mission, a rattlesnake and a new favorite hot dog

Our time in Tucson seemed to fly and while Biosphere 2 and the Pima Air & Space Museum were two big stops, we did make some time for a few other highlights.

We took a drive down to the San Xavier del Bac Mission and there is something to be said for a huge white building in the middle of a stark brown landscape.

View of Mission

The current church dates back to the late 1700’s and is the oldest intact European structure in Arizona. The interior murals and sculptures were breathtaking and the detail so unexpected compared to the starkness of the exterior.

Beautiful Interior

Restoration is currently being done to the exterior when funds allow, and you can visibly see what side of the Mission has been touched up. Oh, and the fry bread that is available outside the mission was excellent – with Keith claiming it’s even better than fried dough (contact the media!!).

Delicious Indian Fry Bread

After taking in the mission, we drove to an interesting outdoor sculpture. Since we have Samantha and take her just about everywhere, we don’t really get to visit museums while we are on the road (we try to keep her time alone in the RV to a minimum). So, we get our ‘culture’ in by visiting outdoor sculptures, where Samantha is usually welcome. I read about a pedestrian bridge designed by Simon Donovan to look like a rattlesnake & just had to make a stop. From afar, the snake skin looks almost real, using colored metal for that effect.

Sssssuper Cool Pedestrian Bridge

On one side is a large snake head complete with eyes & fangs, and on the other end, a rattle tail. We both thought it was rather creative, and the only detail we thought could be left out was the ‘rattle’ noise as you walked out the tail side – cause it was a little creepy!

We worked up quite an appetite so we decided it was finally time to try a Sonoran hotdog.

Incredible Sonoran HotDog

It’s my new favorite hotdog (sorry Zwiegle’s). This version originated in Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora and the combination of hotdog, bacon, beans, salsa, peppers, sour cream and whole roasted pepper was just awesome. They are available all over Tucson, but we stopped at food cart called Ruiz Hot Dogs and their version was fabulous. And the bun? Not sure what it really was but it was delicious, if a bit too long since both the first & the last bite was devoid of hot dog. A minor quibble in an otherwise outstanding hot dog.

It’s always good to have a reason to return to a place. Ruiz did the trick to get us to return to Tucson.