The Oregon Caves

While we waited for another weather window to continue north, we looked around Grants Pass to see if there was something interesting we could do in the pouring rain that would get us out of the RV. After some searching, we found that there were caves nearby & since its been awhile since either of us have been underground, we decided to venture out! (After first making sure the roads up weren’t closed by snow – which they weren’t – yay!)

The road up to the caves is not for the faint of heart, especially in rainy weather. No guard rails to save you for stupidity here and the few times there was traffic coming down, it could be rather tight. Even in the weather, the views were something to see and I fell in love with the moody mossy-ness of Oregon.

Icy Trail to the Cave Entrance

For the weather, we were surprised at how many people wanted to view the caves so we had a bit of a wait. We filled that by chatting with some of the rangers and trying to warm up with coffee & hot cocoa. Unfortunately the chateau was closed since this was still considered the off season. Building in the early 30’s, it was a beautiful structure.

Portion of the Chateau in the Pouring Rain

The caves themselves were smaller that your big name cave attractions, but still very neat to see. It was hard to take any decent pictures with the dim lighting and no tripod but sometimes you just have to put the camera away & enjoy the moment. Because of the temperature, the ranger on the tour said not to expect any bat sightings, which I was rather bummed about. It was my lucky day however, at one of the last stops a lone bat came flying out right towards me. :)

Inside the Cave

We found out that during certain times of the year, they have an ‘off trail’ cave tour in which you crawl around with a hardhat and equipment – sounds like an excuse to return!

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6 thoughts on “The Oregon Caves”

  1. Oooh that’s one of our favorite places. If you’re still in the area, don’t miss Taylor’s Homemade Sausage factory in Cave Junction, or the Treesort Treehouse Resort in Takilma. Love ’em!

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