Update to our Countdown – 49 days to Fulltiming in our RV

On August 10th, I wrote a post, 113 Days to fulltiming. At that time, we thought we had plenty of time to do the things on our list. Then, just 8 days later, I was ‘reorged‘ right out of a job. My job ends 9/30 and put our income a month shorter than we expected it to be. Luckily, the awesome people we rent from is letting us go a month early, and Keith found out that he can give his notice to END 11/2 instead of waiting UNTIL 11/2. All of this good news – except that now we are 30 days shorter in our time to get ready. So how are we doing on our list?

To Buy:

done with the buying part – the only thing we couldn’t find was a butter dish we liked. We will probably just stick the butter in a pyrex container for now & keep looking. Pretty low priority.


Domicile – we are staying Georgia residents for the time being. We’ve just renewed our RV registration & Jeep registration since they expire this month. We won’t be earning any income right away so we have time to sort out where our official residency might end up. We have copious amount of notes ready to review when it’s time to make a decision.

GPS – Due to the income loss, we’ve decided to just wait on this purchase. Keith has done a lot of research (which if he ever writes up the post we will share!) and there isn’t one that screams out perfection. Our first few months we intend on keeping to major routes so we don’t anticipate any issues. We will just manually plan before we leave to ensure no low clearances, etc.

Slide Issues – we posted to the IRV2 forum (which is a really great resource btw) and for once didn’t really get a good answer on slides. It sounds like when they work, they rock – and when they don’t, they suck. So, at this point we aren’t totally sure if they need an adjustment but we will continue to monitor them. A post from Wheeling it, and our personal experience with a mobile tech, has convinced us that if we notice any issues, we will have a mobile tech look at it first, before driving the RV to a shop.

Weather Station – we have decided due to loss of income, we will just use the one we have for now and continue to research different units out there.

Movies – we will be cancelling netflix & using redbox

Tool List – this is still an action item but Keith claims he has a good idea in his head. ;)

Health/Life Insurance – I’ve done some research on this, but we still haven’t decided on a specific plan yet.

Jobs – well, my ‘good’ company decided to terminate me over the phone right after a home office visit. So, I no longer have to worry about my job as it ends 9/30. And Keith’s contract ends 11/2. So our decision was pretty easy – we declared a refresh & rejuvenate period. We are taking at least 2 months off and will just spend that time slowly applying for positions that interest us. We do have savings to last us for quite awhile if need be, so no immediate concerns. We do unfortunately have a modest RV payment & a student loan, along with regular expenses so we can’t be off indefinitely, but we aren’t in any type of panic mode.

Crush (RV) Projects:

Tow – knock on wood, but the Jeep seems to be addressed. We will keep an eye on it, but we would prefer to have our paid off vehicle as long as possible – new (and most used) jeeps aren’t cheap!

TV Enclosure – While this isn’t 100% finished, Keith is mostly done. The TV mount looks awesome and during a short drive, seemed to stay in place just fine. This opens up some storage so now we just have to figure out what we will put there. Because the TV opens & closes on a hinge, we have easy access. A post will happen when Keith is officially done with it!

Rear TV Enclosure – Keith finished this off by grinding off the screws. Instead of shelving, we will use nicer baskets to organize – this gives Keith a lot of extra space for clothes.

Awning Issues – we’ve pretty much read & been told the auto-retract awning is a PITA. Still on our list to call the manufacturer, but it’s low priority since we can do that on the road.

Dinette – further tweaked the table, so the squeaking is minimal. I have a feeling this will be a regular item to do while we are on the road.

Window Tracks – still need to do – or we might just rip the broken ones out & see if there is another way to hold the window up well. TBD.

Honey Wagon Mount – Keith has spent a lot of time on this and fashioned a mount to ride underneath the RV. Ultimately, we weren’t comfortable with the arrangement, so we bought a metal carrier rack for the back of our jeep. Keith put that together last night & we will just bungee cord it down. Not as ‘nice’ as Keith’s original plan, but safer & time effective.

Household Reduction

We’ve been doing well continuing to sell items. We plan on having 3-4 garage sales over the next 49 days as we’ve always had great luck with them (heck, our last one we made $1000 & that paid for the majority of our shakedown trip!) Our huge 10 person dining room set will make it’s way to the consignment shop Thursday and then we are just left with items that we are using. In the next few weeks we will transition 90% (besides cooking & showering) to the RV so that even those daily items we are not taking with us can get sold. Like we said in the initial post, we will be donating anything that doesn’t sell to a church so most everything will be recycled. We’ve enjoyed a good run with 99% of our stuff so we are ok with how the household reduction is going! (although, I did tweet yesterday that I never thought I had a lot of clothes, until I started condensing them into a few drawers & half a tiny closet!)

The other misc stuff is being taking care of as well. 2 of 3 three cats have seen the vet, with one more tomorrow.  Samantha should be good until April. We’ve renewed our passports, set up a few appointments for us while we have certain coverage, and just generally keep trucking towards our NEW deadline of 11/2/11. I am sure we will be totally exhausted by the time we hit that date and I am actually glad we decided to hit Birmingham, Alabama first. No offense to the city – because we still want to see quite a few things there, but a week there might be a welcome break before some of the other cities where we will be crazy visitors with a long list of must sees! We just might not have the energy in Birmingham (but we will see!)

So here’s to 49 days. This will fly and we are as ready as we can be.


4 thoughts on “Update to our Countdown – 49 days to Fulltiming in our RV”

  1. Phew! It’s a long list you got there and I totally commiserate. It was quite the job to get our home stuff whittled down and tucked away.

    Sorry I missed your slide issue. If it’s any help an adjustment & the mobile tech did get ours “fixed” (or so it seems).

    As for health insurance we went w/ a high deductable (catastrophic) deal on ehealthinsurance.com. It’s affordable ($150/mo for both of us combined), and doesn’t cover the small stuff, but will cover anything major.

    We’ll be following your journey!

    Nina recently posted..SP Campground Review – L.L. “Stub” Stewart State Park, Buxton, OR

    1. …and that is the condensed version of the list! ;) I know everyone goes through this when they downsize but we wouldn’t mind a fast forward button right now. I did check out that site for health insurance – we are looking at a $250 plan. After 3 surgeries this past 1.5 years – we know how quickly that can add up. My ankle will be fragile for the next few years until the holes fill in so we want a little more coverage. It really does have a lot of options which is great! We love following your journey and can’t wait to start ours! :)

  2. That’s a huge list. We are leaving (that’s the *plan* anyway) in 2.5 weeks and have a list almost as long as the miles we are going to drive. I think it will be a miracle if we get it all done! You sound more on top of it than I am! Ha ha!! Good luck as you come down the homestretch!
    Jenn recently posted..“Go Wild”

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