Valley of Fires Recreation Area, New Mexico

Our stay in Alamogordo was filled with outdoorsy wonder that made us seriously fall in love with the area. After visiting White Sands, Valley of Fires was next on our list. A lava field, in the middle of the desert = totally unexpected and totally cool. We took our time but stayed mostly on the trail during our windy visit. There is an opportunity to hike out to the origins of this lava flow, but it’s a 5 plus mile haul over lava and since I was still nursing my ankle sprain, we decided to save that for another trip.

The trail still provides you a good look into the lava field, and rewards you with some amazing vistas along the way. The Carrizozo Lava Flow is one of the youngest lava flows in the continental US, is 2-5 miles wide and 44 miles long. I especially loved the desert plants toughing it out in the lava. There were plenty of variations near the edge of the lava in the soil, but only the hearty plants & cacti manage to eek out a life on the lava surface.

I think this is another place where the pictures will share more than I can, so enjoy!

Valley of Fires
Valley of Fires
Valley of Fires
Valley of Fires
Keith showing scale with a sotol


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5 thoughts on “Valley of Fires Recreation Area, New Mexico”

  1. That plant Keith is next to looks like a Yucca. Very sharp leaves and that is a flower stem that shoots up so high. Have to look it up, I might be calling them Yucca’s when it’s something else. That was a very interesting place. Did Keith stop at the play ground again, or did you two skip that part? Is it even still there?? Glad you guys could revisit those places.

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